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Top Translation Services Giants

Translation Services saw a boom in the past year. 2015 was a great year for translators and translation services because anyone who needed these services to make a change in their business and sales. There were translation services that came to the front and owned this new change, while some of the pack leaders were left behind. While keeping all this in mind, we have created a list of translation services that not only proved to be worthy, they also made sure that their clients were happy with their services.

Here are the top Quality Translation Services that you need to consider in 2016.

  1. Dynamic Language

This translation services proved that they are worthy of the attention they are getting. An ISO certified company and although they are a little costlier than most, they still provide Fast Translation Services that are worthy of the rates. The company takes its time for its projects, but at the same time, they take special requests for speedy results. It is a full service translation based in Seattle. Similar to other industry leading translation services, this one has the ability to transform any content from one language to another while preserving its original meaning and context. It is among the most expensive company on our lineup, but the service’s robust translation capabilities and ISO Certified processes may be worth the extra expense. In their in-house tests, they have scored at mid range levels for the English to French translations and slightly better for the Spanish to English translations. And while the company will rush your translations if needed, when they did not specify a time, translations took five days. Their service offers all of the standard translation services we looked for, including website, multimedia and document translation. Moreover, Dynamic Language has experience translating in a variety of industries, including aviation, marketing, healthcare and manufacturing. Industry relevant expertise is crucial to consider when choosing translation services. They also offer cultural consulting, a necessity for any business expanding into foreign countries. Their services create translations that are culturally appropriate and that resonate with your target market.

  1. Mars Translation

Although a relatively new company, Mars Translation is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing in the translation services industry. This company provides translation services in 120+ languages, 17+ industries and has 2000+ dedicated and Certified Translators. Certified from UKAS and ISO Certified, Mars Translation has made the translation process easier. They dedicate team of translators to each task, the manager makes sure that the services are up to their stringent standard and localize each and every thing. Plus, they have discounts and deals on every service. Mars Translation has its own Free Translation Software.

Mars Translation Services earns high scores for utilizing native-speaking translators and a multistep quality assurance process to ensure both linguistic and cultural accuracy. They offer a wide range of services, including desktop publishing, localization testing and the ability to support a vast number of languages. Specifically, Mars Translation Services provides translation, transcription and interpreting services for all industries in more than 160 languages. The service can also localize scripts, record voice-overs, implement subtitles and transcribe audio and video files. In addition, website translations and international search engine optimization are also offered.

Certified Translators: All translators are certified, formally educated and native speakers of the language in which they work. In addition, they are required to regularly pass a series of assessments that evaluate their professionalism, ethics comprehension and translation proficiency.

Support Resources: Mars Translation Services provides each client with a dedicated project manager to attend to their needs. They also offer email and telephone support. Users can also communicate with Language Translators staff via a secure and confidential Web portal.

  1. Day Translations

This is yet another translation services provider that is inexpensive and very effective. This translation services provider makes sure that fits the bill. They deliver right on time and make sure that the translation services provided are according to your needs and demands. They dedicate a team leader and manager to each task who makes sure that every translation is according to your requests and demands. Net-Translators are a full-service translation firm that earned the “Top 10 Reviews Gold Award” for its high-tech expertise, industry certifications and unique multilingual testing center. Net-Translators offers translation and localization services in more than 60 different languages and can translate generic business documents, as well as provide certified translations of official documents. Net-Translators specialize in working in several specific industries, including financial, legal, marketing, healthcare, and technical and biotechnology.

  1. Net-Translators

It only supports 60 languages, whereas many of the leading giants offer more than 100 languages. This company is also limited to one industry, but within that frame they are pretty good. They also provide many of the latest services that are included in the translation industry including SEO and localization. Plus, their rates are very affordable, largely because they use translation memory. You will be given the royal treatment here and the company will make sure that you are satisfied with their services.

  1. One-Planet

This budget friendly translation services provider is quickly becoming one of the best. Although, the company is not as globally present as most of its competition, it is still pretty good. It provides translation services in many industries and languages, so it is a fair chance that you will get what you want from here. They also provide multiple translation services, so we are pretty sure that you will be able to hire them for your services. The overall quality is good and speedy; hence, they get the 2nd position on our list.

  1.  Google Translate

Google Translate is still a beta service provided by Google Inc. In my opinion the best free online translation service; its main function is the translation of texts or web pages into the desired language. It supports a truly good set of languages, and for some of them users may be asked to kindly add possible translations, especially in the case of technical terms so as to be included in future updates to the translation process. I would be remiss in this post if I did not include the infamous Google Translate (for all the flack it gets, I really don’t think they are too horrible). And besides, where else do you plan to translate from Azerbaijani to English? With 72 languages, they have the largest repository of the online translation services, but then again, it’s Google. Unlike other translation services such as Babel Fish and Yahoo which are based on SYSTRAN, Google Translate has its own translation software. The translations delivered are quite good indeed, though not perfect of course. Of course, it also has its drawbacks, or let say limitations. While the outcome when translating some languages is truly good enough (for instance from Spanish into English), it does not always deliver completely accurate translations, given that it does not apply grammar rules (nor human-like intuition of course) but a statistical analysis.

  1. Bing Translator

This is a translator that allows you to translate 44 languages, which pales in comparison to the 72 that Google translates. The reason that some people use this as opposed to other translators is because it has a UI (user interface) and like rubbing a brass door handle–some people have taken a shine to it. It is not a bad translator. The Bing translator maintains a 44 language repository with a user interface (UI) as appealing as Google’s, and the recent buzzing in the blogosphere gives Bing the edge over Google when it comes to translation services.


This is a tool that allows you to translate and will help you translate between different website search engines. The accuracy of the tool is not bad, and of its 35 languages it does have one or two that Google does not have. It is accurate by the way of making the text you translate more comprehensible for the users. It is a good alternative if you are looking for more than one opinion on how something should be translated. This one is my personal favorite! As an avid linguist and frequent translator, I consider to be the most exciting find of the day. This site translates both in and out of 35 languages across many different search engines! Your output is the same translation provided by SYSTRAN, linguistic, Prompt and others. This allows you to compare translations for greater comprehension and accuracy. Also, the language repository includes unexpected languages such as Breton (go ahead look it up), Esperanto, Kazakh and Occitan.

  1. BabelXL

This is a tool that allows you to translate your text into thirty six different languages. With it you may translate large chunks of text and they are still improving it and changing it by using developer input and user input. They are not yet up to the standards of Google translate, but they are still trying and are still making progress. BabelXL is powered by Google and supports 52 languages. You can active the virtual keyboards, select one and enter your text, or you can just copy and paste the text, which will be automatically detected and translated into your target languages. The translation result can be sent to twitter easily through

  1. Nice Translator

Nice Translator is also an online translation service powered by Google, supporting 51 languages. Your input text will be auto-detected, when you select the translator, your text will be translated automatically. You can translate your text into multiple languages in the same web page.

  1. PROMT Translator

PROMT Translator supports text translation and webpage translation. The text translator supports 7 languages, including English, German, Russia, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French. The website translator supports 4 languages, including English, German, Russia and Spanish.

  1. WorldLingo

Another free online translator that is pretty popular these days is the World Lingo translator website. WorldLingo is a translation company which online service allows translating parts of text or completes web pages, by using the same site. Statistics say that this machine translation software can reflect the meaning at an accuracy rate of 70-%75. I must say that I tried it out…and I was happy to see that, if not 70 %, at least it does offer an accuracy of 60%, which is a very good percentage.  The online translation service WorldLingo supports 31 languages, you can translate your text, a document file, or a website, and you can also translate your email and send to your friends directly, but for free account, you can only translate 500 words a time. WorldLingo translator supports the translation of English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and Spanish. It also allows you pulling up a window with drop-down menus where you can insert special characters (such as accented letters) and selecting which semantic field the document belongs to (General, Legal, Technical, etc.) Any way, do not trust this too much, your choice will not make a big difference in the outcome.

  1. SDL Free Translation

SDL is very popular among professional translators for its well-known TMs (Translation Memory) which truly put a load away of their backs when dealing with huge translation projects. Regarding its free online translation service, something interesting I found out is that when you copy-paste your text to translate, you can choose between a machine Free Translation and a Human Translation which in some seconds gives you a quote and offers the translation done by a human being. However, while showing a good deal of respect to professional translators, their MT application is not at all good enough for me. Actually, the level of accuracy is minimal, though of course it may help you to get an idea of the overall meaning of the translated text.

  1. Yahoo Babel Fish

This used to be rather more popular until Google came along. It is good for translating comments and tweets that have appeared in a different language. It only translates fourteen different languages and you can only translate 300 characters at a time. Babel Fish uses the technology of Systran. It offers the service of free online translation of short texts and web pages. It also allows including a translation box in your web page to see it in several languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese. Although it is in a way backed by the old quality and popularity of Systran, I must say the translations it offers are far away from being totally accurate. Users could grasp the general meaning of the text by making some effort, but in my opinion it is definitely not a really good app.

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