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Top best Pakistani Female Clothing Brands from Lavish to Casual

Top best Pakistani Female Clothing Brands from Lavish to Casual

Top 26 best Pakistani Female Clothing Brands of PAKISTAN from Lavish to Casual Female Dressing Standards

Top best Pakistani Female Clothing Brands from Lavish to Casual

If you are fashion lovers and looking for best and luxurious clothing brands then you have come to the right place. Here in this list we will highlight at the top ten best Pakistani Clothing brands right now. If we look into the past few years then we have come to know that Pakistan Fashion Industry have completely changed due to the advancement in social media and advertisements. Now the people have become fashion enthused and their main focus is now on clothes as compared to others. In this scenario Pakistan Fashion industry has produced many best fashion designers who are not only famous within the country but are equally liked abroad as well. When we talk about fashion then without talking about women it is incomplete, that’s why here we will discuss about the top Pakistani women Clothing brands right now. These luxurious, beautiful and luvish clothing brands whether bridal or formal are the choice of every woman due to their innovative designs and eye catching colors. Let’s have a look.

1-Gul Ahmed

gul ahmed logo
Gul Ahmed is the Pioneer in the Fashion Industry of Pakistan & has given the boast to the textile industry. It was established in 1900 & from then Gul Ahmad grabbed all the success & fame in the very short period of time. Now the Gul Ahmed is the prominent name in the Textile & the Fashion Industry of Pakistan. The Gul Ahmed offers lot of clothing brands not for women but for the gents & children also. Besides those, Fashion Accessories like jewelry, Shoes, Bags, Perfumes & lot more is also available for the Fashion Lovers. Gul Ahmed is considered as one of the major trendsetter in Pakistan fashion Industry. This very famous clothing brand is also the biggest clothes producer in Pakistan. The main feature that makes this brand best is its creativity and innovation. Gul Ahmed offers its top quality clothes for all the seasons, i.e. summer and winter having unique designs and spectacular colors. The outlets of this demanding brand have been opened in all the major cities of Pakistan. Besides that, different sub brands are also working under Gul Ahmed that includes cambric, G women collection, Khaddar and many more. Gul Ahmed the name of quality, innovation and reliability is founded in 1953 having household name in Pakistan. Gul Ahmed successfully represents top quality and latest styles fabrics year by year. This superb brand has an attained leadership both in domestic and international market through its durability, high quality products, and unchangeable customer loyalty. Gul Ahmed was initially started from Karachi and now it has the chain of more than 40 retail stores across Pakistan. Gul Ahmed usually offering the Women s clothing, men clothing, lawn prints, cambric, khaddar varieties, salwar kameez, chiffon, Silk, Chairman Latha, Eid Collections, Stitched,  Woman, Pret, stitched clothing, Pakistani Fashion wear, apparels, stitched lawn suits and designer lawn suits.

2-Al-Karam Studio

al karam studio logo

Another Prominent & the most wearing Clothing Brand not only in Pakistan but Worldwide is Al-Karam Studio. Due to the eye catching designs Al-Karam Studio is very famous among the women. The high quality fabrics are the core point of Al-Karam Studio. Al-Karam Studio Provides the elegant Dresses for all the occasions & seasons. Similarly ready to wear dresses are the main attraction for the Fashion lovers especially for women. The Al-Karam Studio clothing brand Provides high quality fabrics both printed & embroidered as well. Al Karam Studio is one of the best examples of Al Karam Textiles in Luxurious clothing brands. Actually the idea to create Al Karam Studio was to introduce unique, modern and creative clothes to its customers in affordable prices. Due to its innovative and creative designs, Al Karam Studio has now become the heart favorite brand for the people especially women. Besides that, due to the presence of Umar Syed who is the top dress designer in Pakistan, the demand of this brand is increasing day by day. They have opened their outlets in all over Pakistan in order to provide top clothes for everyone. Al karam is an original brand provider which was introduced in March 1986. The Al Karam Group is offering a diversified range of products including Fashion Fabrics, Home Textiles, Womens, Mens and Childrens Ready to Wear, Al karam’s brand crazier could easily mix and match from a wide variety of print, yarn dyed, solids, dobby and jacquard. Much acclaimed fashion label Al Karam is famous due to its top specialties like Yarn, Griege Fabrics, Yarn Dyed fabrics, Printed Fabric, Fashio Fabrics, Home Textiles, Garments, Apparel, and Kitchen Linen. Al Karam is also trying to satisfy their customers through the twill, sateen, basket weave and percale and knitted to woven fabric. Al Karam is a complete household name in the fashion fabric market which creating everything from shower curtains to apparel for men and women.


Bareeze logo
The next name in our list of top ten Pakistani Female clothing brands in Pakistan is Bareeze. The Bereeze Brand was established in 1985 in Lahore & now is the famous Clothing brand in Pakistan. Due to the variety of high quality range of the Dresses women really love this brand. The Bareeze Lawn is the most famous lawn among the women. This brand offers variety of dresses for women & gents as well. Besides those home decoration items are also available at the Bareeze Outlet. Similarly the ready to wear dresses are also available at Bareeze.

4-Chen One

Chen One logo
Chen One ranked at No. 4 in our top ten lists of Pakistani Female Brands in Pakistan. The Chen One has thousands of outlets in all over the Pakistan & abroad as well. Its eye catching designs have always remained most attractive among women & gents as well. The Chen One also provides the Western Dresses to the Fashion Lovers. Similarly the ready to wear dresses are also available at the Chen One outlets. The Home Decors & accessories like jewelry, bags, perfumes & similar like these things are available & admired by the Fashion Lovers due to the quality & Attraction. The Chenone has started their work since 1997. The founder of Chenone name is Mian Mohammad latif, now this brand is one of the most successful brands in the fashion outlet of Pakistan. The outlet of Chenone is available all around in Pakistan and in abroad also.

5-Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed logo
The Junaid Jamshed Clothing Brand is more popular than any other brand in Pakistan. It was come into existence in 2002 in Karachi & in the very short period of time has become the choice of every woman & men & all the Fashion lovers. The Junaid Jamshed Brands has almost 14 outlets all over the country & abroad also. The main feature of this Brand is the variety & the unique designs which differentiate it from the others. The Kurtas are especially famous among the Fashion Lovers. The Color combinations of Junaid Jamshed brand are simply beautiful & eye catching.

6-House of Ittehad

House of Ittehad logo
The House of Ittehad clothing Brand is also a famous brand as others in Pakistan & comes at No. 6 in our ranking. The Ittehad textile produces high quality fabrics for Its Customers. That’s why there is found quality in this Brand. The color combination is so admirable. This clothing Brand is mostly famous for its lawn collections which includes crystal lawn, Rangoli Lawn & Julia Lawn. The high Quality fabrics are also available from the Ittehad house. House of Ittehad is known for its innovation and creativity in colors and styles, that’s why it is considered as one of the most demanding clothing brands in Pakistan. The different variety having spectacular color prints and creative designs is introduced on the both the season, i.e. summer and winter. For summer season House of Ittehad presents further high quality brands like Swiss Voile, Summer Lawn, Chiffon collection etc. This year the special thing about House of Ittehad is that it hired HYS designer for its summer collection. Ittehad Group of Industry was launched in 1973. Ittehad textiles strongly emphasis on quality control as its printed clothes remained fully successful and left great impact on market. Ittehad Group of Industries has its own manufacturing network with spinning, weaving, printing and embroidery units. Ittehad Textile Industries not only competing the challenges of the beauty of season but also providing the cherish as well. Itikhad took good care while choosing the pastels shades, earth tones, soft colors, dreamy hues, delicate subtle tones, and some medium tones to jazz up the appearance of fabrics.

7-Maria B

Maria B logo
The Maria B Brand is very popular not only in Pakistan but its outlets are also found internationally as well. It was established in 1999 & now has lot of out lets all over the Pakistan. The main feature of this Brand is the stunning & eye catching Bridal Collection which is very demanding among the Women. The main highlighted point about this Brand is that it was the first Brand in Pakistan who hired a professional team of designers, Production Managers & the other staff related to this Industry. That’s why the quality work is so visible & attractive of this Brand. Maria.B is Pakistan’s No.1 fashion brand which was introduced in 1988 and now reached to an international level. Maria’s outfits mostly made from pure chiffon, lawn, cotton and silk for enhancing the grace of modern women. Maria’s graduation is from the prestigious Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design (PIFD). Maria had first started its small stitching unit in Lahore and today she became the Pakistan’s most famous fashion designer brand.

8-Nishat Linen

Nishat Linen logo
It is the only Clothing Brand in Pakistan whose spreads all over the south Asia & internationally as well. The Nishat Brand was established in 1951 & has climbed the ladders of success in a very short period of time. The Nishat Brand Offers Beautiful Lawn Collections, Linen Dresses & Eid Collection for The Fashion Lovers. Besides that eye catching & fabulous dresses in all the Seasons & Bridal dresses are also available from The Nishat Brand. The Nishat also deals in the home textile & the home decorations as well. Nishat Linen comes at number three in our list which is the brand of Nishat Mills. The motto and promise of this brand is to provide something different to its customers, that’s why they make their place among the top ten in the very short period of time. Nishat linen has further different brands like Princess, Naqsh, Nisha etc. Due to its quality fabrics and creative designs having eye catching color combinations, people love to buy the dresses of this brand in every season. Besides that, the advertisement campaign of Nishat Linen by famous celebrities is one of the important factors that involves in the success of this brand. Nishat is Pakistan’s most famous, modern and well known fashion brand which was established in 1992 with the name of Nishat Mills Limited. Nishat mills begun with the fabulous and high quality products including greige fabrics, apparel fabrics and retail packed home textiles. Nishat collection has conquered the hearts of its fashion lovers at Pakistan Week 2010 by Presented its full three piece suits and love collection. Nishat counted in many top rated brands known for making classic designs and ready to wear dresses for its gorgeous and precious customers.

9-Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz logo
Sana Safinaz ranked 9 in the top ten lists of Pakistani Female Brands in Pakistan. Actually this brand is the combination of two friends Sana & Safinaz. Now it is one of the famous Brands in Pakistan. In every coming year & at every Occasion you can visit & purchase the upcoming designs & collections. The Lawns of this brand are really fabulous & attractive in all over the country. The dresses produced by Sana Safinaz are simple & traditional & rated at the top designing Brands in the country. Sana Safinaz is actually the collaboration between Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer which was established in 1989. This brand is very popular not only in Pakistan but internationally people like it. Since its creation, Sana Safinaz has now become the icon in Pakistan fashion industry. This brand is offering variety of luxurious dresses ranging from bridal wears to haute couture, prêt and lawns etc. Although the prices of Sana Safinaz are high as compared to others but due to its top designs it is one of the most selling brands in Pakistan. The brand Sana is part of SS Fashion Resources which was originally established in 1989 by Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer in Pakistan. Sana Safinaz is two women – Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Munir who are sisters-in-law and now became a successful fashion designer. Sana Safinaz is the most famous brand in Pakistan and abroad who providing the all type of fabrics for modern women of all ages. Sana Safinaz is designing the clothes with the native culture and mostly for Asian women. This brand successfully creating the designs reflects simplicity, gracefulness as well as colors.


khaadi logo
Khaadi is one of the most popular female clothing Brand in Pakistan. The Professional & the creative team of Khaadi are always busy to produce the colorful & the Stylish design in order to capture the market. The marketing & the production staff is so professional. There are lots of outlets in all the big cities of Pakistan. It was in 1998 & in the very short time has become one of the leading Clothing Brand in Pakistan. No Doubt about that The Fashion Lovers can purchase the Dresses according to the changing trends of the Fashion from the Khaadi Clothing Brands.

11-Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani logo
Deepak Perwani is well known as actor and fashion designer. He started his career back in 1994 with menswear and few years later he also took part in women wear line. With his great experiments of fashion designing, he got very much successful to promote his bold and much attractive designs for both men and women. Deepak got his name listed in a record book as he made a kurta of 53 meter for a person. Deepak Perwani was born in 1974 in a Hindu Sindhi community. Deepak Perwani is very much famous for men’s clothing. He is also very much famous for working hard day and night in establishing a gentle fashion status for men’s.

12-Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa logo
A royal and rich name in bridal couture and luxury pret line is “Asim Jofa” who is offering royal and novel bridal wear, formal wear and luxury pret dresses for women. Asim Jofa dresses are specially designed for wedding wear occasions. Asim Jofa always decorate his each dress with golden, copper and silver work which is inspired from his past jewellery experience. Asim Jofa is a very well known name in the Jewellery designer. He very much famous for his jewellery design he took his degree from United States of America. Later on while working in the fashion industry of Pakistan he started his clothing series for women and men’s and now he is also very successful in the market. Asim Jofa is one of those fashion designers who got fame and success in the very short period of time due to its creativity and unique style. Asim came in Fashion Industry as a Jewelry designer but after that due to the changing environment of fashion and the trend towards clothing he began to work in this field. In his fashion designing career he launched many fashion shows where his dress designs were appreciated by the audience. Asim Jofa is very popular in Pakistan due to its appealing prints, every year luxurious and glamorous collection in introduced by this expensive clothing brand. Asim Jofa is a luxury clothing brand which was introduced at Pakistan in 2009. Asim Jofa is representing the stunning, outstanding and unique dresses for the stylish girls. On the very first time its boutique name was diamond, and then this became more famous among young girls and women. Later the best and most famous fashion designer Jofa joined together and started working on it. Asim Jofa always used to offer matching necklaces, bangles, earrings and rings with outfits to make the dress perfect for its customers.

13-Five Star

five star logo
The last name in our list is Five Star which is considered as one of the most selling brand in Pakistan. The one thing that is somehow confusing for me is their prints because these have not remained much successful in the past. But other than Five Star is the name of quality having spectacular creative designs having eye catching colors. The other sub brands working under it are Classic Late, Classic Lawn, Sanzany De Silk and many more. Last year Five Star hired Bollywood star, Katrina Kaif for their Lawn collection but that experience not much earned money for this brand.

14-Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari logo
Nomi Ansari needs no introduction as he is the shining star and fashion designer of Pakistan. He completed his graduation in 2001 and working in maintaining his own fashion status. Now he is established and very well known in producing many dresses like formal, party wear, saris and many others. Here we are going to share Nomi Ansari female clothing Collection of Lawn. It is the best summer clothing line-up we have ever seen. It is filled with lovely designer prints and amazing colors. It is attached with Pakistan’s famous clothing mill Shariq textiles. So you can consider it a joint work of two brilliant designer companies. This post is related with complete information about designer Nomi Ansari lawn dresses. He is a talented man who provides best outfits to both men and women clothing. He has used threads work on pure chiffon fabric to make attractive prints. These suits are made especially with lawn according to need of hot season. This is the fabric that can give us comfort and ease in summer. Nomi Ansari has used all kinds of embroidery patterns with his unique ideas.


Kayseria logo
Kayseria is a very popular brand of Pakistan in the category of Art and design. The printing and unique arts and experiment on clothes in the form of print is the passion of Kayseria. The design of Kayseria reflects the culture of Pakistan. Kayseria the number five Pakistani fashion brand has launched it lawn collection volume one. All the women of Pakistan love the dresses of Kayseria lawn which is including in the famous clothing brands. This brand has been serving humanity by its amazing dresses since 1985 and always provides us stylish clothes. Kayseria is specialist of women’s outfits as it made attractive and beautiful dresses for young girls and women. It is liked by everyone in Pakistan especially for its creativity and hard work of making latest fashionable things of the world. The collection presented by this leading brand is so stylish that it made someone’s personality gorgeous. Every woman love its products because she remain in touch with fashion and new trend by wearing these dresses. It is getting success day by day in many other countries of the world like UK, Canada, Australia and USA because of its uniqueness. In one hand people are giving so much love to Kayseria lawn 2016 and on the other hand it is giving them dresses of beautiful designs. If we talk about it s popularity then I would say that every dress makes it popular because it is very special. In summer season every girl wants to wear stylish but light outfit because of the hot days that’s why Kayseria has introduced its summer collection 2016. All the clothes of this collection are made under the attention of great designers because they care people and want to make them fashionable. With this successful brand every young girl can decorate her wardrobe for this summer.

16-Leisure Club

Leisure Club logo
Leisure club was founded 15 years back in 1997. When a group of one brother and two sisters realized that a brand which provide best apparel throughout the world were originated from Pakistan. Now after a hard work this dream achieved by the true designer of Pakistan.


Firdous logo
Firdous has been working since three generation as a Firdous Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd. Now this textile mills has earn an importance by producing one of the finest clothing series in the fashion industry of Pakistan. Firdous is not the new name for those who are in touch with Pakistan Fashion Industry. The main success and popularity of this brand is because of its unique combination of Pakistani prints with Bollywood stars like Kareena Kapoor. Firdous is well known for its formal as well as casual dresses and also for other sub brands that are working under Firdous like Cambric, Korean Lawn, Swiss Voile, Digital Viscose etc. They have also opened their new special store “Firdous Concept Store” where the people who loves Western stuff can get their dresses of own choice in affordable price. Pakistan’s most fashion design brand Firsous was established in 1960 and became the famous textile industry in the market of Pakistan. Like other super brands Firdous has also launched its marvelous outfits for both men and women. At this time Firdous has its own 14 retail outlets in the top cities of Pakistan. This remarkable brand is offering the chain of product comprises of Loose Fabric, Home Textile, Apparel, Men-Women Footwear, Clutches/Bags. It is the most popular brand of Pakistan which offering the casual dresses, semi formal and party wear for both fashion conscious men and women according to season,


bonanza logo
Bonanza is one of the most prominent names in Pakistan fashion Industry whose dresses are equally popular among men and women. For women their sub brands like Sanam Choudhry, Satrangi, and Bonanza Glamour are heart favorite because these brands are very creative and glamorous. This trendsetter brand offers huge range of glamorous and luxurious clothes in both season but one thing you have to keep in mind while shopping is having extra money because the clothes of Bonanza are very expensive. Bonanza Garments is a classic clothing brand of Pakistan offering a wide range of products. In women exclusive range, Bonanza’s top famous labels are Satrangi, Bonanza Glamour’s, Sanam Choudry, Maheen Karim and spring summer lawn collection. Bonanza’s designer lawn series have made the difference in Pakistani designer women dress designing.

20-Ammar Belal

Ammar Belal logo
Ammar Belal is a very well known fashion designer of Pakistan. He is the son of the textile industry owner Khuwaja belal. He started his career few years ago. Now he is one of the most successful designers of Pakistan.

21-Bunto Kazmi

Bontu Kazmi logo
Bunto Kazmi is a very prominent and best fashion designer in the industry of Pakistan. She has do lot of work in order to make the culture of Pakistan prominent globally. Her best series is ladies and bridal wear. Pakistani fashion designer Bunto Kazmi is a very talented and brilliant fashion designer who is famous all over the world because of her stunning and glamorous bridal outfits. Pakistani fashion industry has so many aspiring and promising talents under its umbrella.  These talented Pakistani fashion designers have their own niche and way of designing. But despite of their niche and designing, it is true that the designs, themes and creative aspects are wonderful and irresistible. Some fashion designers are famous for their Pret-a-Porter collection, some are for their formal and semi-formal wear and some are for their hot couture and stunning bridal couture.


Lajwanti logo
Pakistan fashion industry is the height of success jut because of these popular brands. Lajwanti is the prominent name in the industry of fashion. It has a special collection of party wear to formal wear with a more than 100 variety of shoes.

23-Hassan Sheheryar Yasin aka HSY

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin aka HSY logo
The name of Hassan Sheheryar Yasin is very well known with a nick of HSY. Every fashion oriented person is very well known by the name of HSY. He started his career in 1994, he work as a fashion designer as well as choreographer for the fashion industry of Pakistan.

24-Nilofer Shahid

Nilofer Shahid logo
Nilofer shahid is also very famous fashion designer of Pakistan. She attained much fame just because of its unique and innovative design. The fashion industry also gave tribute as the title of Express Runway of the ramp of Pakistan industry.


Crescent by Faraz Manan logo
If we talk about Crescent then this has been the best clothing brands in across the world due to its top quality denim jeans but now it is equally popular in Pakistan due to its wide clothing range having different innovative designs and spectacular color combinations. Crescent clothing brand is heart favorite among women especially young girls really love this brand. One important factor that makes this brand number one in Pakistan is its fashion designer Faraz Manan who is the most prominent name in Pakistan Fashion Industry. Besides that, Crescent has made Kareena Kapoor as the brand ambassador of this brand that is also one of the major reasons of its success. Pakistani denim jeans is being liked in all over the world and the top manufacturer of denim jeans is Crescent Textiles. Story doesn’t end here, Crescent Textiles women clothing range is also very classy. With the advent of designer industry in Pakistan, Crescent Textiles have marked a prominent place by offering unique, quality and glamorous ready to wear dresses. Crescent Lawn Collection by Faraz Manan was record breaking launched. This year Crescent cast Kareena Kapoor as a brand ambassador to promote Crescent Spring Summer Lawn Collections.

Top best Pakistani Female Clothing Brands from Lavish to Casual

The Pakistan Fashion Industry is now progressing rapidly that’s why the trend of female clothing brand is increasing day by day in Pakistan. The main reason is that fashion awareness has increased among the women. It is natural thing that women want to look beautiful & this is why women are so conscious about their clothes & jewelry. The Pakistani Female clothing brands are World class & really attractive for the women not only in Pakistan but all around the World. Now the Western touch in the clothes is also being used but mostly people like to wear the traditional dresses. So this is the reason there are so many colors & tastes in our society. With the changing environment of the Fashion Industry many new fashion designers have entered in the market & are really doing well. The ever increasing craze of the female clothing brands encourages the designers to come forward & join the Fashion Industry. Here we have a list of top ten Pakistani Female clothing Brands in Pakistan.

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