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PTI and PML(N) supporters

PTI and PMLN supporters most common views

The political scenario of Pakistan is definitely at a very interesting stage. There are not many actors involved in it but it sure is full of drama and twists. The political parties here hardly agree with each other on anything.
The recent election saw PML-N and PTI emerge as the two majority parties. The tussle between these two parties is unending and the supporters of each part have loads of arguments against the other party to prove that they are better than the other.
The most common arguments that the PTI supporters use against PML-N are:

  1. They are old players and have been tried before.
  2. They do family politics. It is more of a dynasty rather than democracy when it comes to PML-N.
  3. They have proved before that they do not have a capable team to solve the problems of this country.
  4. Their leadership is corrupt and they have plundered the wealth of this country for so many years.
  5. The leaders of PML-N live in a very lavish manner, how can he understand the plight and sorrows of the poor?
  6. Their leaders manage to win because of Dhandli (rigging).
  7. Laptops are not the remedy of all that is wrong with this country’s educational system.
  8. Metro is an expensive project and not the most necessary one.
  9. Their government lacks efficiency and credibility.
  10. Where is the sasti (cheap) roti and end of load shedding that was so confidently promised by their leaders?

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The supporters of PML-N do not just sit tight and listen to these allegations against them. They have also got plenty of things to say to PTI supporters in return and they do retaliate strongly with the following arguments:

  1. PTI is an inexperienced part and the leadership lacks the ability to run a country smoothly and efficiently.
  2. Their team is also comprised of the old players who have been in politics for generations and were in some other party before.
  3. They call PML-N corrupt when no such charges have been proved against PML-N’s leadership so their argument is baseless.
  4. PTI’s argument about rigging is baseless too as they have failed to bring forth any evidence in the court.
  5. They do not know how to respect the mandate given by people then how they can call themselves supporters of democracy.
  6. What big projects have they accomplished in their provincial government unlike PML-Ns metro bus and the laptop scheme?
  7. What was the purpose of PTI’s dharna? It was a completely selfish and egoistic act on behalf of leadership that caused a lot of economic loss to the country.
  8. The only new trend that PTI has set is the trend of concert-cum-jalsa (political meeting).
  9. PTI is the one who was in criticizing the military operation against Taliban.
  10. They criticize others but their own provisional government lacks efficiency and caliber.

The supports of both the parties try to prove to others, and to some extent to themselves, that the party that they lean towards is better than others on the basis of these arguments.

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