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Avoid Conflicts From Your Relationship

Avoid Conflicts From Your Relationship

You would have already observed in your own lives conflicts are unavoidable. The question comes to everyone mind that what can you do to manage the conflicts that you face in your lives?

Focus on the specific rather than the general

The first you have to do is engage yourself in productive rather than destructive conflict. You can engage in product conflict by focusing on specific rather than general when you find yourself in a conflict situation with intercultural or other relations with others. So when you focus on specific you talk to them about the exact words and the exact behaviors that upset you rather than telling them about the things they always do which upset you.

Avoid Conflicts From Your Relationship

This is beneficial because when you focus on the specific, you are highlighting the fact due to which conflicts has accord because of particular actions not because of other individual as a person. So when you tell somebody about those things that are disturbing, you are telling them that they are flawed in that way.  Conflicts are happening because they are flawed human being.

That is not going to put other individual in a situation where they really want to work with you.

Limit conflict to the original issue

Sometimes when you fight you stat letting of all sought of past relation conflicts come into that conversation or come into that argument. So when you bring all that aggression into that conversation you engage into the process called kitchen sinking. That can be really problematic for a relationship because it reminds you of relation with others you haven’t forgiven them for the things they have done in the past.

Avoid Conflicts From Your Relationship

So when you start kitchen sinking you remind them that they are still there. So in the conflict situation you can limit your conflicts conversation to just the issue on hand, you are in better position to solve those conflicts.

Work together to solve the problem

You can also work with your partner to solve the problem. So don’t aim about what you want out of the conflict by threatening your partner. You should aim to solve the problems by working with your partner.

Avoid Conflicts From Your Relationship

Work to find a mutually acceptable solution

You should work to find a mutually acceptable solution. So if you are managing the conflict by engaging in discussion with your partner, through that dialogue you put yourself in a good position to listen to both your partner needs and to their ideas coming up with an amicable solution.

Avoid Conflicts From Your Relationship

So when you listen to each other and willing to talk to each other and recognize where are relational partners are coming. Then you can really find good and very effective solutions to the conflicts that you experience. So again it is important to work with your partner so that you could find a solution that is satisfactory to both of you rather than which simply satisfy one individual.

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