Saturday , February 16 2019
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About shahmeer khan — I've been working in digital marketing for almost a decade, specializing in web analytics, SEO and inbound marketing strategy. I currently own and operate GetWebServicesOnline.Com, a New York based web services agency. Connect with me on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Instagram.

How to Hire and Evaluate a Web Designer


With the increasing popularity of do-it-yourself website building sites, offering free website templates that allow users to design and publish websites, some folks believe that website designers are no longer relevant. They are wrong! Web designers Dubai do more than design a beautiful website. What is a good website design? …

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PTI and PMLN supporters most common views

PTI and PML(N) supporters

The political scenario of Pakistan is definitely at a very interesting stage. There are not many actors involved in it but it sure is full of drama and twists. The political parties here hardly agree with each other on anything. The recent election saw PML-N and PTI emerge as the …

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